Delivery Info

For when life is too busy, we can deliver and setup a Glow Booth working in with your event schedule.


Book Online

Book through our contact form selecting the delivery option and any other optional extras.


2-3 Weeks Prior to Event

We will contact you with a delivery questionnaire  to understand your event schedule and layout. We will then use this to set specific times for your delivery & setup.


Week Leading Up to Event

We will send a confirmation email with exact times for delivery & collection.


Day of Your Event

We will arrive at the agreed time to setup your  Glow Booth. You do not necessarily need to be there, but it does make things easier! If you cannot make the time, make sure to leave detailed instructions in your delivery questionnaire.


Day After Your Event

We will arrive at the agreed time to collect the booth. You don’t need to be there for this, but you do need to make sure we can access the venue. If next morning access is not available, make sure to add the same night collection extra.


2 Days After Your Event

You will recieve a feedback email. Please take a few minutes to give us feedback and leave a review so that we can continue improving

Delivery For Venues Over 30km From the CBD

We can still deliver your Glow Booth if your venue is further than 30km from the Perth CBD, but there is an additional fee.

To calculate the distance: We use Google Maps and take the shortest of the 3 routes displayed when searching “Perth” to your venue.

To calculate the fee: The additional delivery fee works out to $50 for every 10km over 30km. E.g. Clarkson is 34.6km, so there is a $50 delivery fee.

Why do we charge more? This delivery fee helps cover the costs of our drivers, including their insurance, petrol, car maintenance, rego, and of course time. For venues that are much further than 30km, consider our pickup option.